03 May 2010

Not again

Remember this? It happened again last night, meaning we had a 1am trip to Kenepuru. Complicated this time because we didn't want to take Logan into a germ-filled emergency room while he's still recovering from a cold, so we had to wake up Juliette's parents and drop him off there (many thanks to the in-laws).

The hospital was deserted, so I was seen immediately. They gave me a shot of morphine, after which I threw up so they gave me an anti-nausea shot. The doctor thought it was gall stones, but discharged me and sent me off to get blood tests and an ultrasound, which I had done this afternoon, confirming it was gall stones.

I've got an appointment with our GP tomorrow, to go over the results and where we go from here, but it sounds like I'm heading for surgery.

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