30 June 2010

Journalists and research

Stuff has a news article about the Rousillon crash of an Airbus A320 in 2008, where five Kiwis and two Germans were killed.

About halfway into the article is the line, "Flight data showed that the pilots did not receive accurate angle of attack readings, meaning they did not know the angle the wings were to the ground. " It's a small thing, but angle of attack is the angle between the wing and the oncoming flow of air over the wing.

If a journalist and their editor can't get the small facts right, how can we expect them to get the big facts right?

29 June 2010

Oh great

This is just what Wellington needs: more taxi drivers. Taking up parking spaces; stopping in the middle of the road in rush hour to drop off passengers; running orange and red lights; speeding; tail-gating; forgetting where the indicator is when changing lanes...


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