22 December 2007

Could it be....?

So 3D Realms have released a trailer for Duke Nukem Forever, the perennial leader of Wired's top 10 vapourware list.

A lot of people are being cautious, and rightly so. Work on DNF started in April 1997, and was originally slated for release in 1998 -- nearly 10 years we've been waiting for this game. It's been through several engine changes and company takeovers -- even a very public argy-bargy with their publisher. (ShackNews has a good history of DNF here.)

My view is that this is a positive development. It's been years since 3D Realms has released any official screenshots, so a teaser trailer (one that doesn't show any gameplay elements) is a good sign. Even better, George Broussard has mentioned that "something like" a full-blown trailer is coming.

All in all, I take the cautiously optimistic view that this bodes well for DNF to be released sometime in the next 18 months. The question then becomes, "Has it been worth the wait?" I hope so.


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