19 March 2008

And another....

And not even two weeks later, the great sci-fi author Arthur C. Clarke has died, aged 90.

14 March 2008

And who says 8-bit is dead?

Seriously cool clone of Guitar Hero... on a Commodore 64 (not an emulator either, but an actual C64!). Thanks to Intelligent Artifice for the heads up:

06 March 2008

A mighty totara has fallen

You've probably already heard that the Father of Dungeons & Dragons has died, but I just want to add my thanks to Gary Gygax for his contribution to the world of gaming, and send my condolences to his family.

05 March 2008

Been a while

Yikes! Managed to go all February without making a post. Baaaad crispy-bacon!

I guess the combination of finishing my internship at Innaworks, and starting back at university gives me some excuse though.

Anyhoo, stumbled across this awesome looking flight sim called Jet Thunder. Based around the 1982 Falklands War, I definitely adding this puppy to my collection when it comes out.


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