29 October 2009

Manners Mall

I don't know what all the fuss over the plans for Manners Mall is about. The number of courier vans, delivery vehicles and bicycles that charge up and down there, it's like there's already a road through it.

16 October 2009

Easily entertained

This post isn't about anything new or amazing, but I had a bit of a geek-out moment. I was reading a blog post by one of the D&D developers, who happened to mention he went on holiday with this family, and how the scenery at Chinook Pass in Washington state was awesome. I sauntered over to Google Maps, and looked up Chinook Pass. On a whim, I decided to see if Street View was available on I410... and it was. I must have traveled several miles along the road -- thoroughly agreeing with Rich Baker's assessment of the scenery -- before my boss told me my tea break was over...

Nothing new. Nothing earth-shattering. But I couldn't help marveling at the information tools available to us today.

15 October 2009


Had my final university lecture at 4pm today. Just gotta get past two 3-hour exams in early November, and then I'll graduate. Still haven't decided about going to the capping ceremony. My wife, sister-in-law and mother-in-law want me to do it, but I'm not big on public displays.

12 October 2009

Ugh... feeling old.

GameSpy has published a list of their 25 Top Games of the '90s. Of the 25 on the list, I've played 20, and some of those are still games I love playing now (or would, if I still had a working copy).


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