28 January 2009

And off we go again...

Two more days, and then it's off to Bali. If at all possible, we'll keep this blog updated again.

24 January 2009

Bloody Pachelbel...

Ever wondered why some pieces of music sound the same. Rob Paravonian has a theory...

20 January 2009

Longer than Windows...

So I rebuilt my PC over the weekend, and I now have a new appreciation of the number of expansions and stuff packs for The Sims 2. One base game, eight expansion packs, nine stuff packs, and three hours it took me to reinstall everything! Even Windows didn't take that long!

Oh well, it was worth it. Without all the rubbish cluttering the system, it runs quite smoothly now. Even loading takes a lot less time than before.

13 January 2009


Had my first Warhammer battle in many years on Sunday, against my mate James: my Tomb Kings vs his Skaven (skeletons vs ratmen), 2200 points a side.

It was quite a slow game, with constant references to the rulebook to figure out how to do one thing or another, but in the end it was a minor victory to me (I won by 347 victory points -- if I had won by less than 300, it would have been a draw).

Much mirth and merriment had by me and James (and looks of bemusement from Juliette and James' partner Sarah), especially when:
  • My piddly little unit of 10 skeleton archers wiped the floor with James' Rat Ogres, which he'd sent down my left flank in an attempt to chew through the archers and get behind my army. Admittedly, the archers had poisoned weapons....
  • James forgot to ring his Screaming Bell in rounds 1 and 2.
  • Ringing said Screaming Bell in round 5 lead to James losing his Grey Seer general, the Bell, and two clanrats for good measure.
  • My Ushabti smashed through his slave unit, and overran into a clanrat unit.
  • James' warp lightning cannon doing little more than painting green light on various units.
  • Heavy cavalry skeletal steeds did more damage than their riders.
  • Chariot-pulling skeletal steeds did more damage than the chariot crew.
  • James forgot to deploy his plague censer bearers.
  • My chariots got slaughtered by James' giant rats.
  • Both my heavy cavalry and James' stormvermin got caught up in the terrain, and didn't contribute a lot to the battle.
Lots to think about for the next battle. My chariots have never been particularly effective, so I might replace them with a bone giant....

08 January 2009

It's been how long?!

Just had a look at my profile on Battletracker: the last time I played Battlefield 2 was 17 May 2008.

Almost as bad for Battlefield 2142: last played on-line on 19 May 2008.

It was about that time that Juliette discovered Facebook. Since then, darn near every waking moment, Facebook's been hogging our bandwidth. Kind of hard to make a sniper shot when you're stuttering along at 2fps!

03 January 2009

Happy New Year!

2009, eh? What can we expect?
  • Hopefully, I'll finish my undergrad studies at VUW.
  • Mafia II!
  • Possibly start thinking about trying for kids...
  • More D&D rulebooks...
  • Idiot right-wing policies from the National-led government (you know, like fixing the economic crisis by giving more money to the twats that caused the problems in the first place).
  • Mafia II!
I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of now.

Edit: Add "many more games of Warhammer" to the list.


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