22 June 2008

SWCCG -- the madness resumes

As I said a week ago, Forge's MTG: Forge, errr, Card Warrior, has inspired me to actually start work on a similar project based around Decipher's Star Wars Customizable Card Game which gobbled more time and money than I care to think about from about 1995 onwards.

As a good little Comp205 graduate, I'm going to do a bit of design work before I start putting code in IDE. A bit of work here can save a lot of heartache (and retyping and refactoring) later -- and I'm talking from experience here. Just try doing a group project where everybody goes and does their little part, but come integration day, nothing integrates -- because there was no overall design, there was no agreement on how the parts would work together. I fondly (NOT!) remember the night before integration day (when we had to show our progress to a tutor), a pair of us staying in the labs until well past 1am getting four people's code to cooperate. My wife wasn't too impressed, but the tutor was...

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